About Us

Upaya is owned, managed and operated by a team of professionals with extensive experience in law, finance, accounting, management, and digital businesses. Our combined, cross-discipline knowledge from helping clients navigate business process complexities is reflected in Upaya's DNA and the problems that our platform is designed to help address.

Upaya is a marketplace where consumers and providers of key services come together and transact. Our objective is to lend transparency along every segment of the service procurement and provisioning process. We accomplish this by documenting and publicly disclosing process details that help consumers and service providers make the most informed decisions. Our platform adds an extra layer of trust by facilitating a culture of respectful communication between consumers and service providers, helping manage expectations at every step.

At the heart of Upaya is a collection of carefully vetted and highly experienced "Upaya Professionals", each with deep subject matter expertise and corresponding experience. Upaya helps connect the most relevant "Upaya Professional" with consumers in need of specific services, ensuring the most efficient outcomes for all concerned parties.

Visit us at upaya.com.np