Summer @ Upaya: City Cargo

Over this summer, I had the opportunity of interning as a Business Analyst at Upaya City Cargo. The two months I spent at the City Cargo office were an amazing experience, primarily because I learnt more than I had ever imagined I could over two shorts months. Unlike typical internship opportunities, I was given the chance to lead my own projects for the Upaya City Cargo office. Among my various projects were integrating online payment systems (dealing first hand with companies like e-Sewa and Khalti Pay), running independent market research and brainstorming marketing products and ideas. During this process, the City Cargo office was extremely supportive, providing me with helpful pointers, data sheets, connections and a homely environment to work in.

The team at Upaya:City Cargo was definitely the most passionate office personnel I have ever seen: with each employee, whether it's marketing or logistics, treating the company like its own baby and working tirelessly (even outside the office) to figure out how to make the company better. Besides passion, the team was also highly capable and well-suited at their job. The driver-side (logistics team) was great at forming solid relationships with pickup truck drivers and loaders, making them prioritize the clients at Upaya: City Cargo. Similarly, the Marketing team was exquisite at getting clients to connect with the service and eventually return to the service after one usage. The operations team in the center, managing everything, was great at making sure all efforts are streamlined.

The exposure to a highly experienced Board of Directors along with the young, vibrant team at Upaya City Cargo gave me the best of both worlds: I learned a ton, and had an unimaginable amount of fun while doing it.